Burnsville Attorney’s New Video: Contemplating Divorce

Video Marketing for a Divorce Attorney

I recently created a new video for a divorce attorney who specializes in Family Law.  Her practice covers the entire Minneapolis St Paul area, but as she lives south of the Minnesota River, her ideal client lives south of the river as well.

There are a lot of attorneys in the Family Law area, and to stand out Amanda needs to be visible online.

She tried using google Adword Pay Per Click advertizing, but found it ineffective.

As I reviewed her adwords campaign, I decided one of the issues that was hurting its success was the fact that she was sending clicks to her home page.

Adwords Pay Per Click Advice

I suggested that she would be better off creating a landing page for her clicks.

I explained that she could then create landing pages for each specific service and or type of client she hoped to serve.  That way a person contemplating divorce for example would land on a page about divorce, rather than a page about divorce, child custody, adoption etc. etc.

This bullet point focus, I explained would help people realize they were in the right place when they landed on the landing page.  They would thus be more likely to take the next step. In this case, that would be to pick up the phone and call for an appointment.

I also suggested that a video on the landing page would be helpful. It could tell the key aspects of her story in a friendly manner, and hopefully get people to pause a moment while on the page.

This extra time serves as a pattern interrupt for the person who otherwise was flipping from one website to another. This extra little pause, to watch what is still a very short video, may be enough to allow them to slow down enough to consider taking action.

Video Creates a Mood

Most attorney websites are pretty similar. They tend to be on the conservative and frankly boring side.

People contemplating divorce are in an unhappy place emotionally. We hoped to create a friendly, approachable image with the video we created.

One that was inviting, and able to cut through the grief and anguish the prospective client was feeling.

We hope we hit the mark with this video.

We welcome your constructive criticism.



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