Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO Remains Critical to Getting Found Online in Competitive Businesses

While Google hates it, the fact remains that there are ways to influence the relative ranking any particular business site gets for searches on their chosen key words.

Once a web page is properly set up using known On Page factors, attention quickly turns to what is referred to as Off Page SEO.

Essentially, this boils down to getting links from other relevant, high authority sites to your particular page.

These links have two parts.  The text or image that is highlighted or serves as the object that a viewer clicks on.  This text is called the anchor text.

The second aspect is the merits of the site on which that particular link resides.

In the past, conventional wisdom was to use the desired keyword over and over again as often as possible from as many different locations as possible.

Thus if your wanted to be the highest ranking dentist in Minneapolis, you would want to get as many backlinks as possible from as many sites as possible all using the term, Dentist Minneapolis or Minneapolis Dentist.

That is no longer the case.

Today you want as few as 1 in 10 backlinks to be Dentist Minneapolis or Minneapolis Dentist.  You want more links to be on terms like, click here, your actual URL with and without www and http:// and other related terms like Twin City Dentist, and painless dentist, and root canal.

In the past you you could pretty much swamp a competitor by getting thousands of cheap low quality backlinks manufactured for you. And while better quality backlinks have always mattered, today they do so much more.

The secret to success in off page SEO is now more about getting the proper mix of backlinks.  You still want as many backlinks as possible (But not all at once) to establish a base level of non specific keywords, and a handful of High Value  Keywords focused on your desired keyword.

And you need to do this for each page of your website you want optimized for a specific keyword.

There are a number of strategies to do this.

Three worth discussing are Private Blog networks, and the effective use of Press Releases and the creation of a distributed Video Campaign.

There are others as well.





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