MIMC Philosophy

Minneapolis Internet Marketing Consultant (MIMC) Philosophy

There are many ways to market a company and its services. MIMC focuses our efforts on those prospective customers who are actively looking for a company’s services, as opposed to those who may sometime in the future.

Today the dominant tool people use to search for potential vendors is via Google, in one way or another.

On behalf of our clients we seek not just to “out-compete” their competitors but to dominate this search function to ensure our clients are at least considered for any possible business.

The current arenas of most significance are Google Adwords, Organic Search, Google Maps and where it exists the Google 3 pack.

To achieve dominance we pay special attention to Videos and Google’s YouTube platform. It offers additional opportunities to appear organically.

MIMC places a high value in developing and dominating the social proof mechanisms offered via Google’s and others review sites. We recommend RepPilot as the premier tool in the field for locally based businesses.

We use a variety of tools and techniques that are on the cutting edge of today’s ever changing Search Engine Optimization reality.

Domination doesn’t necessarily require every tool or approach, but it does require a wide scale attack.

Typically this includes:

  • An Effective Adwords Campaign for each major business niche tied to a specific landing page on client’s website.
  • An organic Ranking Strategy for each major business niche, built around creating and/or developing high authority relevant backlinks.
  • Creation and distribution of geographically titled and focused videos for YouTube
  • Effective Maps strategy, to appear and be ranked on Google Maps, the primary vehicle to be found on mobile platforms.
  • Strong and persistent review strategy, focusing initially on Google Plus reviews but to include other industry specific and general review sites such as Yelp! and increasingly Facebook.

These efforts combined take a concerted effort, which takes time and persistence, but when fully implemented can lead to market domination.

Some tools like Google Adwords can show quick results, others (especially those built around a new website) take more time.

The one caveat that impede success, being the similar effort your competition may be taking on their own behalf. The good news is that most small businesses are not employing the sophisticated SEO tools and techniques we use. As such, you stand a superb chance to dominate your market with our help.

For more information and a no obligation assessment of your businesses prospects using our approach contact Earl Netwal at 612-408-9924. or email him at enetwal  @ gmail.com