Mobile Review Generation for Small Businesses – Free Beta Test Opportunity

Review Velocity for Mobile – Free Test

We are proud of the full service capabilities of RepPilot, and its ability to significantly boost our clients online reputation and ability to attract new customers.

This is where reputation management shines after-all, in its ability to attract new clients.

Increasingly, the world is getting to be a mobile world, and as such their is a premium on getting mobile reviews.

People search for shopping and services on their cell phone, especially when on the go. Do you want your share of that business?

You may or may not have noticed but Google is pushing the “Near to Me” phenomenon to take advantage of the huge upsurge in people using their phones “on the fly.”

There is a big profit opportunity for many local businesses, from restaurants, to dentists, to shoe stores,  to be – the “Near Me” location.

But Google will show more than one, “Near Me” result.

Which one will they choose?

More than likely, the one with the best social proof in the form of online reviews.

And the quickest way to the lions share of that bounty, is to win the Reputation Wars.

That is where RepPilot and our various services are focused.  Helping businesses like your, find an easy and practical way to get more real, positive and effective reviews.

Our newest effort is mobile phone based and called Review Velocity.

It takes advantage of the fact that people respond well to text messages on their phones.

We have developed a new system that is easy to use, and effective.

But it is still in the beta test stages.

As a result, we are offering the first 100 beta testers a totally free trial period to test the system

As a beta tester, you will get 25 “review requests” at no cost. These you will send to your next 25 customers,  once they have completed a sale or service.

We are confident it will result in a number of positive reviews for your business.

Then, if and only if you decide the service is appropriate for you, we will set you up on our lowest price platform, with a cancel at any time guarantee.

Signing up for the free trial is easy. Just go to

Free Trial

You will be able to review how the system works and begin the process of winning all the “Near Me” traffic and more.

Now, while “Near Me” traffic is all the rage, virtually 77% of everyone these days is checking out reputations online when looking for a new vendor.

The value of social proof in the form of real people’s reviews is critical to your long term business success.

You want to beat your rivals to the punch. While they are still oblivious to the role social proof is playing in today’s marketplace.

There are many aspects to your on line reputation. We at RepPilot and our sister companies are dedicated to helping businesses like yours win the reputation wars.

You have nothing to loose and everything to gain, Check out Review Velocity now.  You will be glad you did.

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