New Post and Video for The Key Guys

New Video Posted for The Key Guys

Just finished creating a new video for The Key Guys.  In this case, I am posting a link to the blog post I created as well about Broken Car Keys

The Key Guys have a Home Page that is not very SEO Friendly, so I am trying to develop individual posts that might rank for their particular keywords. In this case we are focusing on the term “Broken Car Keys.”

Broken Keys are one of the reasons people call upon The Key Guys.

So I titles their blog post with the key word and then added images, at least one of which has the term broken car key in its Alt Tags.

And then the video I created was posted to YouTube with Broken Car Keys in its title as well as its description and tags.

If you click on the above tag, it will take you to the page to watch the video, still only a “C” in quality but at least serviceable.

I will also include it here for your viewing convenience.

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