Periscope : How to use Periscope and Profit

Have you run into Periscope yet?

No joke if you have been a tad underwater in your social media efforts, here is your chance to get an early lead on a promising new platform.How to use periscope
Periscope is a Twitter app that streams live video. It is clearly taking the universe by storm. What is most exciting is that you do not need to be a rock star to make this work for you.

I know a local mortgage broker who has all but given up on Facebook as his social media platform of choice and is loving Periscope. He posts a bit of an update about interests rates every day and offers a simple real estate tip.

Then he re-posts to facebook. Getting double duty for his effort.

Now my first inclination when a new vehicle like this comes on the market. One is to wait to see if it is going to really take. In this case, I think the opportunity is so strong that it may well make sense to dive in feet first.

Periscope Training Course

Periscope Makes Your Cell Phone a Marketing Tool.

But…I hate to spend the time to learn these new systems by myself.  I find myself banging my head on the computer screen too much.

So I set out to find a good course on Periscope and I think I have found it.

It was put together by Kim Garst,.  She is one of the world’s top social media experts, as well as CEO of Boom! Social.  Boom! Social is a leading social media marketing firm.

You can wait for a few months and lose the opportunity to be a leader in this new emerging market, or you can decide to just teach yourself through trial and error.  If you do, I understand. However, if you are ready to dig in and gain a first mover advantage in this exciting new arena, be sure to check out — Periscope Profit Machine.


Give it a look!

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