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Earl Netwal, the micro business specialist has been managing adwords campaigns for over a decade, and is willing to assist you in maximizing the effectiveness of your campaign.

Management costs vary by the size of monthly campaign budget.

Tiny campaigns with a monthly Google Ad spend budget of $800 or less are charged $250 a month in advance.  This is our minimum fee for Adwords management.

For monthly budgets of $801 to $1500 we charge $399

for budgets of $1501-$3000 we charge $500

For budgets of $3000 to $5000 we charge $650

Budgets over $5000 we charge $750 month plus 10% of any amount over $7500

We often recommend that one or more new landing pages be created for out clients. These are often the most important single step toward improving campaign effectiveness.

A one time charge for such landing pages range from $350 to $1200 depending on complexity. There is a charge for each additional page, which is usually a small percentage of the original page as these tend to be simple duplications with minor variations.

We highly recommend that landing pages include a Tracking phone number. Tracking phone numbers provide accountability and allow us to measure performance.  One of more numbers may be used at $25 a month each.

Initial set up of a campaign and/or restructuring of an existing campaign involves significant effort and time if done right. We normally charge a minimum of $500 for a new campaign set up in addition to the above fees.

In the case of an existing campaign this could be more or less, depending upon the complexity of the campaign.

We offer a free audit of existing campaigns, to help you understand what types of changes we may make on your behalf and to help us understand the workload required to upgrade your campaigns. We highly recommend these audits and encourage you to contact us to get one scheduled on your behalf, free of obligation.

For more information call Earl at 612-408-9924





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