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Your Businesses Reputation Matters…

Reputation management is critical to your long term success.  And today, the  bad news is that a single “jerk” can devastate your business overnight.

The Search Engines and Review Sites want to provide local searchers with the Best business listing in their area to keep them coming back to their site.

To do that, they use consumer reviews as the barometer since they can’t visit every single location themselves.

So the business with the most positive reviews that are real and relevant usually sees the best results.

The good news is that a systematic proactive approach to reputation management is easy to implement, inexpensive and a powerful tool to generate new business.

Building Your Positive Image Is Critical To Long Term Success

The Minneapolis Internet Marketing Consultant can set you on the road to the sterling 5 Star Reputation your business deserves.

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This is the best system we have found for reputation management and as such we have become an agency to implement it for businesses like yours.

Contact us at 612-408-9924 or email  for a friendly phone call and conversation about how this system can dramatically build new customers for you by boosting your street cred, 100% White Hat and Compliant with all Google and Yelp standards.

Built on a fully responsive HTML5 platform making it 100% browser compatible on both desktop and mobile devices. 


How do my customers create reviews with Rep Pilot?

First you load your customer’s name and email into the system, one by one as they occur, or weekly or when first setting up the system we can upload a file of your past customers to kick off the system with a bang.

This is the critical key to the system, and one that still requires front end action by the business is the inputting of customers emails into the system.

If you do not have a system to gather these email addresses, you will want to create one.

Once email addresses and customer name are inserted the system works on auto pilot. 

An email goes out to them, up to seven times (I recommend 3) anywhere from 1 to many days apart,  In today’s world, not everyone reads every email, so this increases the chance they will open and read yours.

Once a customer responds to one of the emails the rest stop.

The message they get is a short one, that we can modify to put in any wording you like, but which I think is pretty good as it is. It politely asks them to provide feedback on your business.

Specifically, it asks them to give you from 1-5 stars and to leave a comment.

The system responds differently depending on the number of stars they give you.

Using the settings I recommend, if they give you a 4 or a 5 they would be taken to a page thanking them for their feedback and asking them to leave a review on Google+ or Yelp.

That page has a professionally done video that thanks them and encourages them to leave the feedback. The video is optional but effective. There is a male and female version of the video to choose from.

I recommend sending all 4 and 5 star responses to this page, but you can adjust that as you see fit, and change it at any time.

Those who arrive on this page will see a button or buttons that will take them directly to your comment page of Google+ or Yelp or any other review site you want to send them to.

They then leave a positive review, and your social proof and reputation are enhanced.  This leads to more new customers and more profits for you.

We recommend most businesses start with Google+ and Yelp and that you do not offer more than two options, but you can have multiple links if you desire. And again, you can change these easily yourself at any time.

(System comes with a nice set of training videos)

Now if the initial response is a 3 stars or worse (recommended setting), they are taken to a different page where they are invited to rant.

This serves as good feedback to the business owner, and is often enough to keep the customer from taking the time to leave their own negative review on any of the review sites.

For businesses with multiple employees, the system can be set up linking the customer to the actual service rep they are dealing with.  This allows management to identify who their rock stars are in the field as well as those who may require additional training or dismissal.

If you are interested in trying this system on for size, email me ASAP to and put “Reputation Management” in the subject line.

Signup below and I will be in touch with you ASAP, and get your system up and running within 72 hours in most cases.

If you have an existing list of past customers, they can be uploaded and invited to leave a review.  I recommend though that this be phased in, as the review sites will likely discount a sudden flurry of reviews. We can discuss your particular situation in more detail if this is your case.



What does it cost?

There is a one time set up charge of $297  and an ongoing ongoing monthly fee of $97/month.   and you will be able to cancel at any time.  Save $264 with an annual $1197 subscription.  All subscription payments will scheduled via a Paypal subscriptions.

I will be in contact with you within 24 hours to start setting you up on the system, and should have you up and running within 72 hours in most cases.

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