Social Media

Social Media is a rapidly developing conglomeration of hundreds of sites, some major and some minor.

Currently the five we believe most useful to most small businesses are:






Each of these has demonstrated lasting market pressence and potential for future growth.

Each has also demonstrated an uncanny ability to change and morph on an almost daily basis.  This of course makes them frustrating for those who only have a casual or passing interest in them.

Each is also a huge “Time Suck.”  And time is perhaps the most critical asset any business owner has, and as such, these properties can be very “time expensive.”

Which is why it makes sense to secure a third party social media manager to assist in taming the beasts, to get maximum benefit with out wasting a ton of time.

Some businesses will use internal staff to monitor systems once they have been set up. Others find it difficult to keep employees from falling into the entrancing time sucks and contract out their entire social media efforts.

The biggest time saver for those trying to post on multiple sites is a service Called HootSuite.  It allows you to schedule posts in advance and send them to one or more different social media site with no extra work. It also has tracking capabilities to help you better gauge the effectiveness of your social media efforts. They offer a 30 day free trial, I recommend you take them up on that offer and plan on spending some time learning and mastering their platform.

It will pay huge dividends in your ability to stay on top of your social media posting efforts.

Hootsuite - Social Relationship Platform

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