Facebook Business Page: Why Create A Page on Facebook?

Are Facebook Likes Worth Anything?

Yes, maybe.

But for most small businesses, they are a nice idea that isn’t really doing them any good.

Lots of businesses have had someone set up a Business page for them, and inserted a like button or two on their websites and other web properties. They may even post Like me on Facebook on their print media. But does it bring in business?

And if not why bother?

Why Create A Page on Facebook?

There are several reasons to create a Facebook Business page besides the fact that everyone else seems to be doing it.

Among these are to develop and sustain a relationship with your existing clientele who have been generous enough to “Like” you.

For most businesses, most of the time the value in a Facebook page is to nurture a long term relationship with existing customers.  The primary objective of which is to encourage repeat business with those same customers.

There is also the hope that occasional postings on your site will be shared by your existing customers and thus spread the news about you and your business to your existing customers friends. This is the viral aspect of social media strategy that gets all the buzz.

There is also a school of thought, that the main reason to get someone to your Facebook page is to drive them to an email list that you can use to market to these people over time.

And of course there are those who set up Facebook pages in the hopes of directly selling to their customers via their page.

This last is likely the least successful strategy for Facebook, because people do not go to Facebook with a “Commercial Intent.”

They are there to look at pictures from friends and family, and less likely interested in shopping.

That does not mean that Facebook cannot be used to market goods and services.  It can be a powerful venue, but usually requires a more indirect approach we will discuss elsewhere.

Facebook as a Social Media Strategy

Facebook is a social media. People interacting with one another socially, and not in commercial interactions. They will go to eBay or Amazon and similar sites if they are looking to buy something, One Facebook, they are as likely to resent a pitch as to appreciate it.

And what most of them are looking for are images, more than text.

If you can share interesting images with them, on  a regular basis, you can slip in ads and notices of specials etc, and not irritate them (as much.)

For an example see one of my clients Facebook Page: Oxendalesmarket

This page posts at least three times a day, and while it includes anywhere from 6-10 grocery specials a week, it is generously interspersed with images from the surrounding community, local events, landmarks, etc.

This makes it relevant to the local community the store serves, and some of the non grocery images go viral from time to time which has grown its Likes.

Now being a local grocery, it cannot expect to get tens of thousands of likes, But it can hope to a significant percentage of the households within its small market area.

And build on ongoing relationship with them.  That is being social.

Facebook Marketing Strategy










One good resource to get an overview of proper facebook advertising is


However, if you are in the Minneapolis St Paul area, I recommend you call me to set up and run your facebook ads campaign.


Because I am local and can meet with you or your appropriate staff to keep you better informed of your results and the various options you have.

Plus you will discover, I am cheaper. I do not have a huge overhead and many needy employees.

My downside is that I am small. If you are attempting to set up a massive international campaign across multiple platforms you really need a bigger player.

On the other hand, if you are attempting to target a local market, whether here in Minneapolis area or elsewhere, or even an international  one where the niche can be effectively pinned down demographically, I can help you get up and running in short order.

Every client is different, and I will treat you as an individual and tailor my efforts to meet your needs.


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