The Almighty Google 3 Pack

What’s the deal with the Google 3 Pack?

The recent change to a 3 pack instead of the typical 7 pack of the past few years has made it all the more important for local businesses to be there!

3 pack

And once they arrive – to get themselves noticed even more by winning the Google Star Rating wars.

First and foremost, you want to be on the 3 pack.  Sure you can also get visibility and business by paying for Google Adwords, and I help my clients do that – a skill set that also takes a bit more know how than the average small business has.

But this post is about the 3 pack.

And what makes it special is that Google doesn’t charge you for clicks.  It is in essence free, although you may well need to make a bit of an investment in getting on the three pack.  There after, with some ongoing attention to detail. you can usually stay there. (WIth Professional support>)

The key is to have a properly filled out Google My Business Page, and then a serious look at citation listings elsewhere on the internet.

These are pretty much the essential prerequisites, and are sometime enough by themselves to win you that coveted free advertising position.  If not, you may well need to engage in some more less commonly know techniques, that frankly I choose not to share.  Sorry.

And then as I so often do, I relent – a little – as Google has recently spilled the beans a bit on my next go to tool. Positive Google reviews.

I have had clients who didn’t make the 3 pack even after some serious work on the prerequisites.  Then once we managed to get them 5 or more reviews, we began to have success.

Now there are some additional steps I have needed to take in some cases, and these will remain quiet. But the role of reviews continues to be increasingly important as time goes on.

And to get good business reviews there is no better resource than RepPilot.



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