The Key Guys Are Specialists

The Key Guys Specialize in Car Keys

Minneapolis based locksmiths, The Key Guys have taken the idea of specialization to the extreme.  While experienced locksmiths with downloadthe entire set of skills and know how, they have decided to focus on a niche market: Cutting Car Keys.

Today’s car keys are more complicated and more expensive. Not only do they open doors and start the ignition, they have anti-theft features, automatic alarms, and automatic opening features.

As a result they do cost more, and require more sophisticated attention to detail that you are likely to find in the local hardware store.

One of the most frequent issues they deal with are lost car keys. This is especially important as these days many car dealers only provide a single set of keys with a sale.

The Key Guys will travel to the site, and make a new key on the spot. They can use the cars VIN number combined with your proper identification to create a duplicate car key and get you back on your way.Lost Car Keys duplicated

This not only save times, it save money as you do not need to pay to tow your car to the dealer. Even better, by dealing direct with The Key Guys, you will be saving money.  They make a lot of keys for dealers, who then mark up the price to you. So save yourself some time, grief and money and call The Key Guys whenever you need help with any aspect of Car Keys. From Getting a Duplicate or Replacement Key, to Fixing or repairing a key, to helping get a stuck key out of your ignition of door.

These are all services the Key Guys perform on a regular basis for hundreds of happy customers.

So when you need car keys replaced, repaired or duplicated, call The Key Guys.  612-333-7677

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