The Key Guys

Audio need work.

I just created this draft video for The Key Guys, but need to redo the audio.

Somehow, I managed to compress the volume in Audacity when I was working on it.  And the result is too quiet.

I have been exploring camtasia, and while I have learned some of the tricks of the tricks of the trade have a ways to go.

But I am not embarrassed. I am proud to have produced a product if only because I am once again growing my skills,

The intention of this video is not to win an academy award, but rather to place it in the internet world where it can garner backlinks for The Key Guys

They are locksmiths specializing in making and replacing lost car keys.  A small niche, but one they do exceptionally well. It takes sophisticated equipment and know how to reproduce today’s smart keys and associated key fobs.

I will write more about these guys in the future.

But for now, here is my video.

I will be doing an new one this week which I will also post here.

Hopefully, you will be able to see a distinct improvement as I get more experience and practice.



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