Warning About Buying Facebook Likes

Buying Likes on Facebook

When I start a new Facebook page or take over an existing  page I tend to buy likes to get the page kick started.

As a rule, I avoid the junk likes you can buy at Fiverr and other sites, and instead use the targeting capabilities of Facebooks Ads to do the job, just like Facebook would like.

Turns out that can hurt me almost as much as buying junk likes elsewhere as shown in the following video.

What’s my take away from this?

I will probably still buy Facebook likes to get a page started, and just realize that some of the new likes I get will be unproductive and/or counter productive.

What that means to me, is that I will need to ramp up my ability to come up with “viral” material that will appeal within the page’s scope and intended audience.

The purpose of building an initial following on Facebook is mostly to assure people that others ‘like the page’, and to get a base of viewers upon which to build other likes.

The unresponsive ones won’t be sharing my material with other non responsive people, so as I promote quality content, it should be relatively easy to sideline the non responsive element to a smaller and smaller proportion of the whole.

So, while the warning above is valid, the bottom line remains, that content matters in the long run, as always.  This is as true of Facebook as anywhere else.

Author: Earl Netwal




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