Local SEO for Brick and Mortar Businesses Guide – FREE PDF

Have you been struggling with how to use SEO (search engine optimization), one of the most effective digital marketing strategies, for your brick and mortar business locations? Let’s talk about local SEO, how you can make your business rank higher in local search results, and the free Local SEO for Brick and Mortar Businesses Guide below that teaches you how to do it.

Local SEO for Brick and Mortar Business Guide – Free Download Below

There is so much talk about search engine optimization for small businesses, but a lot of the chatter revolves around optimizing the web pages of businesses with a strong online presence who can sell a product or service online. What you really need to know are the things you can do on your website (on-page) and online (off-page) to make your business show up when people in your area are looking for businesses like yours.

Brick and Mortar Businesses Need Specialized Local SEO

When your business relies on local customers to be successful, general SEO just isn’t enough. Local SEO for brick and mortar businesses focuses on proven search engine optimization tactics that put your business at the top of local search results for people in your geographic area.  These local searches are performed by customers looking to make a purchase soon, most of them the same day.

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A dentist in Colorado Springs, for example, with a dental clinic that serves just the surrounding area should have an SEO strategy as part of their marketing plan just like every other business.  But with no service or product that can be sold and delivered from an online transaction, their SEO strategy needs to be focused specifically on local search results.  

A local dentist won’t rank on the first three pages of search results (which is the furthest anyone will look) for any meaningful keywords competing against every dentist in the country.  And if he somehow ranked first page in global search results, what good is it if someone a thousand miles away saw his clinic on the first page of search results because of a blog post on veneers?  That is why brick and mortar businesses need specialized local SEO  to rank high in the local searches that bring in new customers.

The Local SEO for Brick and Mortar Businesses Guide

The Local SEO for Brick and Mortar Businesses Guide is a free PDF booklet you can download to learn the On-page and Off-page SEO tactics that get your business to the top of local search results.  Many of the things you need to do as part of your local SEO strategy are small tasks that will have a huge impact.  And if you are new to SEO or want to understand more about the “why” behind this strategy, then the Local SEO for Brick and Mortar Businesses Guide also includes resources to help you understand how everything works together and get things done easier and faster.

Mastering local SEO involves executing a handful of On-page and Off-page SEO tasks that optimize your website for long-term local search visibility.   When done right, it helps search engines and search users find, sort and prioritize your most important information such as location, services, and benefits. Get started TODAY with the Local SEO for Brick and Mortar Businesses Guide.


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