Reputation Management Software Hangout Scheduled Feb 25

Software for Automating Reputation Management

On Tuesday Feb 25 at 11AM, I will be conducting my first ever formal Hangout to reveal a powerful new Reputation Management software, REP Pilot.

Rep Pilot is by far the most comprehensive and effective system out there for local based businesses.

Not only does it encourage more positive reviews from your satisfied customers it effectively inserts itself into the process to decrease those deadly few negative ones that can really hurt your business.

But as you will see in the Hangout, that is not all.

Rep Pilot can be set up to monitor customer feedback on individual employees, which will help you identify your rock stars as well as those who may require additional training or dismissal, before they can cause damage to YOUR reputation.

The importance of actively managing your online reputation is increasing rapidly, and is a feature of business that will not go away anytime soon.

Now is an ideal time to take a proactive stance in building your reputation. Those who do so now, will get a huge long term advantage over their competitors who are still in denial about reviews.

Oh, one critical final note, this system is compliant with the standards of review sites. No spammy multi-posting, fake reviews or other nonsense.

Author: Earl Netwal


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